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Recognitions & Awards in Venice, fl

Bike Builder Expo, 2011
In this year's prestigious Bike Builder Expo in St. Petersburg, Florida Weston's custom chopper known as The Pirate Bike earned First Place in the Full Custom Class
Thunder by the bay, 2011
Weston's custom chopper, The Pirate Bike, also was honored with the title Best in Show in the Thunder by the Bay Showcase in Sarasota, Florida
Rat Hole BIke Showcase, 2007
Weston's unique iRod custom chopper earned First Place in the 2007 Rat Hole Bike Showcase in Daytona, Florida
How did I get into motorcycles?
I learned to ride a bicycle when me and my friends started breaking them and then I would fix them. I remember as a child making a card board sign and putting it next to the busy Walden Ave saying in 5-6 year old hand writing bike repairs I wanted to start a business then. When I was 6 years old I was down in the basement at my older cousin’s house looking around. He had an old junk mini bike sitting there leaning against the wall buried in other junk and I dug it out and asked him about it and we didn't leave with it that day but I'm sure as a six-year old i just wouldn't shut up about it. And got my hands on it. Me and my father rebuilt the thing from the ground up new motor wheels tires cables painted the frame. Built custom fenders for it, seat. My dad taught me and had me working with a blow torch at 6 years old. We built a pretty cool little mini bike. Then I had to learn to ride it for the first time... well like I said earlier we lived on a busy rode. But we had a long drive way. My dad started me are the end of the drive way near the street and had me pointed toward the open garage and told me to take it easy and stop by the garage or go around it into the yard. Well I did something like that. I got on it opened her up all the way and flew up the drive way veered to the left and crashed into the stone face of the garage bounced off that and slammed into the hard wood deck on the back of the house full bore. With my dad running behind me, and we'll he didn't let me give up. Then years later out grew that and he surprised me with a 80cc two-stroke then it's just kinda snow balled from there.
When I was 4 years old my mother passed away from cancer, at that time my dad did not own a motorcycle.
When my mom passed, she told my dad to go buy himself a new Harley with whatever insurance money she was leaving behind. He got a new Harley Davidson heritage softail and I was raised riding on it, working on it, and sitting it in our living room every winter in Buffalo NY. When I was 8 we moved to FL. And I hated my way through school often drawing and dreaming of motorcycles to pass the time. I drew up several of my first original creations on paper in class and then started building them with my father’s help. My father is a lifelong artist in every way and was a welder fabricator and is an award-winning tattoo artist. So I had a lot to learn from him. We built several full custom show winning bikes in his garage. I graduated from high school in 2006, and got a job as an aluminum TIG welder- fabricator building high end custom t tops and towers on boats while still building customs in my dad's garage. Eventually my boss at the boat shop let me start a small motor cycle shop behind the boat business. Eventually I told my boss I no longer wanted to work in the t top- aluminum shop anymore; I wanted to fully devote my time in the bike shop. I then decided it was time to start a new journey and started Weston Davern chop shop Inc. In 2008 and I have worked my way up through this industry ever since. On the principles of hard work, devotion, the good lord and extreme patience, reading and research have gotten me where I am today. And I truly appreciate your interest in me and or my business.

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Meet Weston Davern

Getting his start
At just five years old, with the help of his father, Weston built a custom mini-bike in his home garage and since then Weston has been building, riding and customizing choppers of all kinds. When he was just fifteen years old Weston built his first large scale motorcycle from start to finish. His father, an experienced welder and successful tattoo artist, challenged Weston to learn the art and technique of welding before he could get his first tattoo. Weston's father currently assists in all the custom paint and artwork of Weston's Choppers.
His specialties
Weston specializes in all areas of building, servicing and repairing motorcycles - building completely Custom Choppers, bike maintenance and repair, tires, detailing, welding, wiring, aluminum polishing, customized automotive parts and more. One of Weston's most recent projects was for a young woman who experienced a great tragedy, yet exhibited courage and stamina. Weston built a customized wheelchair that allowed his woman to continue to visit her favorite place with ease and comfort - the beach.